2022 9 Year Old District Tournament

The 9 Year Old Tournament:
July 19th
Game 14 Glen Rock vs Ridgewood Maroon at Glen Rock LL
July 21st
Game 15: If Glen Rock loses Game 14 TBD
Game 1: Hillsdale (15) at Ridgewood Black (2)
Game 2: Paramus (24) at Dumont (12)
Game 3: Bergenfield (4) at Oradell (12)
Game 4:Ridgewood Maroon (3) at Glen Rock (12)
Game 5: Hillsdale  (4) vs Paramus (12) 
Game 6: Oradell (0) vs Glen Rock (01) 
Game 7: Ridgewood Black (24) vs Dumont (12)
Game 8: Bergenfield (6) vs Ridgewood Maroon (16)
Game 9: Oradell (12) vs Ridgewood Black (11)
Game 10: Ridgewood Maroon (7) vs Hillsdale (6)
Game 11: Paramus (2) vs Glen Rock (12)
Game 12: Oradell (3) vs Ridgewood Maroon (14)
Game 13 Paramus (6) vs Ridgewood Maroon (13)

Teams must use the pitching affidavit below to track pitching. The team on the top of the bracket will host the game unless both teams agree to go to the lower brackets field because of availability. The Championship will be at a neutral field TBD. 

Both teams will split the umpire fee ($35 per team).  The host team will need to secure 1 umpire for the game. 

Winning team to report the score to [email protected].   

Each Team will need to bring (2) baseballs to each Game.  A coin flip will detrmine home and away. 

Teams are allowed 4 coaches in the dugout.  The 4th coach will be the Pitch Counter.  Teams must compare pitch counts after every half inning.  Teams sign each others pitching affidavit after the game.

Participating Little Leagues

Bergenfield  Dumont Glen Rock
Hillsdale Oradell Paramus
Ramsey Ridgewood Black Ridgewood Maroon

Local Sponsors


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Email: [email protected]