Tournament Submission Paperwork 2023 Tournament

Paperwork to be submitted by each team:
Each team must submit a completed affidavit.  The affidavit must be done in alphabetic order by last name and exactly how the name is on the child's birth certificate,  No "nick names" or any other name that the child may go by.  The number assigned to the player on the affidavit must be the same as the number on the map.  The map and affidavit must be signed by your league president.

Player's paperwork: New Players
Original Birth Certificate (Only for new players)
Medical Form 
Player Verification Form
The School Enrollment Form or Residency Forms

The School Verification Form must indicate the child was enrolled in that school by October 1, 2023

Residency Forms must be dated from February 1, 2023 to February 1, 2024.
  Any form which has a date outside of these dates will not be excepted.  Drivers License is accepted as long as it shows current address.  You must also submit one form of proof from each group.  There are 3 groups.  If you do not have one form from each group you will not satisfy the requirement.

Returning players: 
Must have all paperwork and documents from previous years to satisfy this requirement.  If a child attends a new school or moves within his own town all the paperwork must be updated for this child.  A new Medical Form is required each year.  Any paperwork missing, the child is considered a new child and must follow the guidelines above.

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